Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Extended Definition Essay: FriendSHIP: Unsinkable

            “It is one of the blessing of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.” – Ralph Waldo Emmerson. This quote talks about friendship and how we can be comfortable, and be ourselves, with our friends because of the friendship that we share with them. Friendship, as defined in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, is the quality or condition of being friends. But I believe that friendship is more than that. To me, friendship is a relationship between two people, or among a group, that is intangible but can be felt by all in the relationship, wherein there is a special connection that each one shares with one another; it transcends all boundaries: time, money, space, emotions, among others.

            First of all, friends are not rivals. This situation mostly happens in a group of friends, wherein there are two dominant forces/personalities in the group. This may also be for friends who have been in a fight and cannot resolve their differences, shallow or complex. In a stable relationship, there would be no dominant/opposing forces or rivalries amongst members of the group; everyone should be at peace with one another. Friends also do not use other friends for their personal gain only. Friendship is true and honest and it is not conditional. Though friends may ask for favors, they should always remember to return the favor someday.

            They say high school is the best time of anyone’s life. This is true for a myriad of reasons. One example would be the friends that you gain from high school. From the first day, until graduation, through thick and thin, these are the friends you will be remembering for the rest of your life. Our high school valedictorian said in her graduation speech, “your friends in college know who you are, but your friends in high school will always know why.” This quote explains the kind of friendship formed through time. My first day in high school, I made a few new friends, which grew into a bigger group as I met more and more people; all of which I have a close relationship with. Whenever I had problems – in life, in my grades, in my romantic quests – I turned to my group of friends who had open ears , and sarcastic comments, that always helped me get through my problems. Without them, I think that I would be a more troubled person than I already am now.

            Friendship can lead to a lot of things, one of them is love. Friendship itself is a kind of love wherein one can feel free to talk about anything or, in simpler terms, can be more open with. Friendship can also lead to platonic love, a love that leads to happiness amongst friends. People showing this kind of love show care for each other and trust each other, no matter what. Friendship can lead to care for one another because they enjoy each other’s company and support one another in every endeavor.

            “I’ll be there for you, ‘cause you’ll be there for me too.” – FRIENDS theme song, the Remembrandts. It talks about the purest basis for any friendship. Friendship is a strong bond amongst people. They share a special connection that no one can break. Friendship is important because we cannot live without friends, for they are necessities in life.


            I didn’t really find it hard writing about friendship, since it was a topic that was close to my heart. What I did find hard was defining friendship in an even deeper sense. I’m satisfied with the outcome of the essay, as I was able to define friendship according to what know. I still could’ve improved the essay by making my thoughts more coherent and better constructed. 

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